Jay Ben Images, NY Travel Photographer, Provides Top Rated Artwork For Your Coffee-Table

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Jay Ben Images provides a top quality coffee-table book about Ireland. The photographer has many other images of people, places and things which can be accessed online.

New York City NY, 10-MARCH-2015 - Jay Ben Images and Jay Ben Adlersberg, photographer, are pleased to announce that high quality artwork is available which is perfect for a coffee-table book. Reception area tables at a business will also benefit from one of the art books authored by Jay Ben Adlersberg. The NY travel photographer has a special gift for capturing known locations and images in a unique way.

A recent publication by the noted photographer and author is titled "Ireland in Word and Image". The coffee table book from 2013 portrays images and texts from his visit to the country. They include people, objects, places and even an animal or two. The Emerald Isle has drawn thousands of tourists for decades, but Jay Ben Adlersberg has offered the opportunity to share the country and its people to those who will never be able to travel to the island personally.

The book has won numerous awards, including the Best Travel Book of the Year and the Best Coffee Table Book of the Year from the Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2014 and the National Indie Excellence Awards 2014, respectively. It also was a Finalist as the Best Photography Book of the Year at the Foreward Book of the Year Awards 2014. A visit to the web pages will provide more information about the Ireland Book and many of the other images that were captured by Jay Ben Adlersberg. There are images from the New York City area, as well as other cities around the world. The website contains hundreds of images from the work of the photographer.

Learn more about Jay Ben Adlersberg's coffee-table book visiting the web pages online at http://www.jaybenimages.com/ today. Members of the press and those who have further questions regarding the contents of this press notice are invited to contact the photographer at the location listed below.

Contact Person Name: Jay Ben Adlersberg
Company Name: Jay Ben Images
Address: 220 East 69th Street, New York NY 10021
Contact Telephone Number: (212) 452-3400 (D); (212) 570-1800 (E); (917) 622-4400 (M)
Contact Fax Number: (212) 579-7895
email: info@jaybenimages.com
Website: http://www.jaybenimages.com/

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