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Now that 2014 is over, the team at Rapid Car Removal - one of Melbourne’s leading car wrecking and car removal companies - are ready for a productive start to the New Year.

Now that 2014 is over, the team at Rapid Car Removal - one of Melbourne’s leading car wrecking and car removal companies - are ready for a productive start to the New Year. 2015, so far, has brought in plenty of business for the team, and they are excited about continuing the success of 2014 into this year.

With the busy Christmas holiday season now over, plenty of residents throughout Melbourne are looking to fulfill their New Years resolutions by getting rid of old, wrecked and simply unwanted vehicles from their properties. Luckily, Rapid Car Removal service the entire Melbourne region with a reliable car removal service, and can help anyone with an unwanted car, ute, van or truck get rid of it promptly - and for instant cash!

We recently interviewed the owner and operator of the business - Hassan Ovski - and asked him how the team were handling 2015 so far. He had this to say: “Now that the team are back from a much deserved break, we are all back on board and ready to continue our successful car wrecking business. We all took a look back at last year and each thought about what we can do to improve things further this year. One of these improvements was hiring more staff so that we are always able to cope with those busier months of the year - January being one of them!”

With the new staff now trained and ready to begin work, we can continue to provide our free same day removal services to all residents of Adelaide. This is one of our main points of difference, and we endeavour to always provide this fast and efficient service to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for our customers.”

After following one of the Rapid Car Removal drivers to a local job, we interviewed the seller of the vehicle. Christian, who lives in Campbellfield, was quoted saying this about his experience with the company: “Wow - what a great team to deal with! From speaking to the quotes team over the phone to chatting with the drivers who came to remove my 4WD from my home, everyone was super friendly and really helpful from beginning to end. I didn’t think I could get any money for my 4WD, since it had been wrecked in an accident a few months prior - but Rapid Car Removal surprised me when they gave me hundreds of dollars cash in the hand when they came to remove it! It was awesome not to have to spend anything on towing or dumping fees.”

About Rapid Car Removal: As one of Melbourne’s premier car wrecking companies, Rapid Car Removal are well known in the area for giving great cash prices for old, used and wrecked vehicles. The team are dedicated to providing a free removal service throughout the greater area. Read more information on the company on their website: www.rapidcarremoval.com.au. You can also call 03 8774 6464, email info@rapidcarremoval.com.au or visit them at 4 Nicole Way Dandenong South.

Rapid Car Removal
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