Michael J. Lonati, Attorney At Law, In Paulding County Helps Dog Bite Victims With Legal Rights

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Michael J. Lonati, Attorney offers legal knowledge for victims of personal injury, including dog bites. The facts of the case are documented and reviewed by the attorney to ensure that full restitution is made.

Dallas GA, 04-MARCH-2015 - Michael J. Lonati, Attorney at Law is pleased to announce that he provides legal representation to Paulding County dog bite victims. The Paulding County Auto Accident attorney has the knowledge and experience to help victims identify the documentation which is needed to follow up on the case or the negotiations. The attorney ensures that any deadlines associated with the case are met.

When a dog bites a stranger, a relative or a delivery man, the owner has some responsibilities. The attorney can help to determine whether there is fault involved on the part of the owner and how best to handle the legal aspects of the case. There may be a need to get law enforcement officials involved in the activities surrounding the dog bite. Pictures may be needed as part of the documentation.

Owners of pets respond in very different ways when the pet bites someone. They may become very defensive, angry or may deny that the bite was done by their dog. If there is a child victim, the matter may become further complicated. Sometimes children wander into reach of a dog that reacts by biting. Other children may tease an animal that is otherwise harmless.

Offering the information to Michael Lonati and enlisting his assistance in determining whether or not the case has merit is the best plan of action. The attorney will also help to determine how much financial compensation might be deserved. If negotiation is needed with the pet's owner or with an insurance company, it is best left to the attorney.

Learn more about legal representation for dog bite victims by paying a visit to the web pages on-line at http://www.lonatilaw.com today. Members of the press and those who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Michael J. Lonati at the location presented below.

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