South Anchorage Chiropractor Recognized As An Authority On Spinal Pain Relief

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Arctic Chiropractors offers a menu of spinal pain relief measures. The doctors choose chiropractic techniques that are natural and non-invasive.

Anchorage AK, 1-APRIL-2014 - Arctic Chiropractic and Dr. Joel Ingersoll DC, Anchorage chiropractor, are pleased to announce that chiropractic medicine offers a full menu of relief measures for spinal pain. There is no need for pharmaceutical painkillers. They tend to lose effectiveness over time and can cause long term internal organ damage. Chiropractic medicine relies on the principles of overall wellness through spinal health.

According to Dr. Joel Ingersoll DC, "Spinal pain can affect every aspect of life. Being unable to move without pain limits work and play. Restful sleep can be impossible to obtain. Traditional medicine will usually prescribe pain medication. At best, pharmaceuticals only mask the symptoms, they do not eliminate the underlying cause of the condition."

He continues, "Spinal pain is often due to subluxations or misalignments of the spinal column. When the vertebral pairs are not aligned and spaced correctly, they can cause bulging of the spinal discs into the surrounding tissue. Compression of the nerve roots that lead from the spinal cord cause pain, weakness, tingling and numbness in the spine and in the extremities."

Decompression of the damaged discs allows them to gradually return to full hydration. Improved circulation in the discs and surrounding tissues permits the body to begin the self-healing process. Nutrients and oxygenated blood are brought to the damaged area. Debris from injured cells is carried away to be eliminated from the body through natural processes.

Additional techniques are implemented to strengthen muscles and connective tissue so that the patient is less likely to suffer the same type of pain in the future. Exercises, posture training and ergonomic improvements are part of the therapy provided. Chiropractic medicine also utilizes nutrition and stress reduction methods.

Learn more about reduction of spinal pain by going to the links at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the information in this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Ingersoll at the location presented below.

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