Singapore Chiropractic Office, East Coast Chiropractic Pte Ltd, Helps Locals Recover From Auto-Accidents Fast

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East Coast Chiropractic in Singapore provides recovery techniques from injuries associated with automobile accidents. The methods used are non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical.

Singapore, 25-FEBRUARY-2015 - East Coast Chiropractic Pte Ltd and Dr. Greg McRae DC are pleased to announce that local patients who have suffered an automobile accident can receive chiropractic therapy designed to improve the rate of recovery. The Singapore chiropractor has the knowledge and experience that will assist patients in relieving pain and kick-starting the healing process.

An auto accident may result in various types of injuries. Perhaps the most common is whiplash. In many accidents, the head is thrown forward beyond the normal range of motion and may then snap back causing muscle tearing and even cervical spine subluxations. The chiropractor is able to provide therapy for both the obvious results of the accident and for those which may be less apparent.

The injuries from a whiplash type accident may take hours or even days to show up. The chiropractor can identify injuries and potential pain areas very soon after the accident. Healing therapy can begin almost immediately. The prompt actions of the chiropractor will relieve the acute pain and will prevent the development of some pains related to injuries involved in the accident.

The specific types of chiropractic therapy will depend upon the injuries that were incurred, as well as on other factors such as the health of the patient, the age and physical condition of the person involved in the accident. The therapy can include components such as massage, spinal adjustment, heat and cold therapy and ultrasound. Each care program is customized to fit the needs of the patient.

Learn more about recovery from automobile accidents by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have further questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Greg McRae at the location provided below.

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