Redondo Beach CA Chiropractor, Dr. Frank E. Kaden, Alleviates Whiplash Injury Pain Safely

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Kaden Chiropractic provides a menu of natural and non-invasive techniques to speed recovery when there are whiplash injuries. The key to healing is promoting the body's ability to take care of itself.

Hermosa Beach CA, 18-MARCH-2015 - Kaden Chiropractic and Dr. Frank E Kaden D. C. Are pleased to announce that whiplash injury recovery is promoted by the methods of chiropractics. The therapies are natural and non-invasive. They don't require dependence upon painkillers. The Redondo Beach chiropractor bring years of experience to the care of patients with whiplash injuries.

A whiplash injury occurs when the head behaves like the tip of a whip when it cracks. The muscles in the neck and shoulders can be stretched and torn because of being forced beyond the normal range of motion. The pain from this type of injury doesn't always arise immediately after the event. For this reason, it is important to visit the chiropractor promptly in order to begin the therapy.

Chiropractors are able to determine the location and extent of the injury even before the symptoms appear. They have the tools and techniques to identify the injury and to determine which of them would be most effective in promoting the recovery from the injuries. The chiropractor doesn't use pain killers, since they only mask the symptoms.

Therapy for whiplash injuries begins promptly and is focused on helping the body to heal itself. It generally uses enhanced circulation to bring oxygenated blood to the damaged tissues. The circulatory system is able to carry away the toxins that can arise in an accident or injury of this type. Circulation enhancement is accomplished by techniques such as massage, ultrasound and spinal adjustment. The chiropractor might also use tools such as electro-therapy and hot and cold therapy.

Learn more about recovery from whiplash injuries by paying a visit to the web pages here at today. Members of the press and those who have further questions about the contents of this press release are urged to contact Dr. Frank Kaden at the location provided below.

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