Norwalk CT Chiropractors, Drs. Brenda And Erik Slovin, Offer Safe Solutions For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

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The Slovin Chiropractic Center provides natural solutions for patients who exhibit symptoms of fibromyalgia. Methods do not require a dependence upon painkillers or other pharmaceuticals.

Norwalk, CT, 09-MARCH-2015 - Slovin Chiropractic Center and the Norwalk chiropractic office team professionals, Dr. Brenda Slovin and Dr. Eric Slovin, are pleased to announce that chiropractics offers safe natural solutions for fibromyalgia. This condition, which is not fully understood affects a significant number of people, usually women, today and is often the subject of misdiagnosis, since the symptoms mimic those of other diseases. The Norwalk chiropractor team uses techniques that relieve the pain and help the patient live a more comfortable and symptom-free life.

Pain is a significant symptom of fibromyalgia. Because of the pain, victims often have trouble getting restful sleep. Daytime fatigue is the result. It can interfere with the ability to work and enjoy activities of life. The victim may also experience migraine headaches, stress and depression. The symptom known as "fibro-fog" is quite common. It is the inability to think clearly.

Fibromyalgia is not tied to a single cause, but is rather due to a number of factors working in conjunction. These can include a period of emotional or physical trauma, infections due to certain illnesses, or certain autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. There is also a genetic component to the disease for some patients.

The doctors will begin a consultation with a thorough examination to determine if there are issues not-related to fibromyalgia which might be affecting the patient's health. The data that is collected will be used by the doctors to design a program intended to relieve pain and restore the patient to better health. The tactics are customized to fit the needs of the specific patient.

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