Anthem Chiropractic In Las Vegas, Educates Community On Health And Wellness

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Anthem Chiropractic Clinic offers community educational programs to enhance wellness. The suggestions are easy to implement and increase the quality of life.

Henderson NV, 07-MARCH-2015 - Anthem Chiropractic and Dr. Derek Day, DC are pleased to announce community-wide educational classes are available to locals. Chiropractors have long promoted the idea of wellness and health rather than basing their activities on masking symptoms. The Las Vegas NV chiropractor has the knowledge to discuss some of the major causes of pain and illness and how to alleviate them.

Wellness principles can be taught to those who are willing to put them into practice. They are typically simple in nature and do not require a major expenditure of time or effort to implement. The doctor is willing to speak to individuals, small groups or larger gatherings. He will emphasize the points in the presentation to target the interests of the group.

Most groups are interested in pain relief. The natural pain relief techniques are appreciated by those who are able to attend one or more of the educational sessions. Popular locations for classes, presentations or seminars are senior citizen centers, church groups, school classes and fitness centers. The tips offered by the doctor are described in easy-to-understand terms. The benefits in health and wellness can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime.

Some of the suggestions which may help locals to enjoy improved health include nutritional counseling and exercise. The majority of Americans do not have a diet that ensures minimum daily requirements for nutrients. Further, the lack of exercise is endemic in many countries in the West today. The tips offered by the doctor encourage implementing improved habits in both of these areas.

Learn more about health and wellness education by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have further questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Day at the location listed below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Derek Day, DC
Company Name: Anthem Chiropractic
Address: 10170 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89052
Contact Telephone Number: (702) 614-6777

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