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Interest Revived in History of Estimated 12 to 15 Million Rom People Worldwide

The recent launch and subsequent surge to #1 bestseller status, first-time author Sheila Carnegie’s book, Beyond the Veil, A Personal Story of Spiritual Connection, indicates a renewed interest in the history of the little-known people called ‘Romani.’

Why the sudden interest in the Romanichal people now referred to as Rom or Romani whose early roots are first recorded in the 10th through 13th centuries? It was during the author’s regressions that David, the betrothed lover of the 16th century heroine, was revealed to be a Romani.

Carnegie writes of those regression experiences, “There was and remains no doubt in my mind that the memories coaxed, cajoled into my conscious awareness were for the Rom people, among others.  Annabel wanted the story told for their descendants, hers and David’s, and for the descendants of David Alexander Menzies, born of Románo and Annabel.  She wanted the story told for the generations that followed those who welcomed them, Románo’s green-eyed bride and son, into their fold, with love and open arms, for Rom people whose stories have never been told, and for all who suffered for centuries and continue to suffer discrimination and persecution today.”

After reading these experiences, reviewer Cynthia Collette wrote: “Sheila's writing style is lyrical and precise at the same time. I wish I could describe the book but it simply must be experienced. … This is a love story, a travelogue, a personal journey, and more, all rolled into one and done seamlessly and beautifully.”

Readers who purchased the book reviewed it with statements such as that of Valerie Aubichon, “…You are in for a brave and personal detailed narrative, sometimes hesitant and questioning, from a woman prodded and eventually driven to great lengths by the spirit of Elizabeth/Annabel. This powerful spirit woman has been driven through the ages to protect the man she loves beyond mortal bounds, even when it means putting her host in danger. Grab a soft blanket and hot toddy for the late nights and the chills.”

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