New Bestseller Shines Light on the Darkest Chambers of the Heart

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Wedges are defined as something that is set in place to maintain a gap or separation between two things.

Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania January 13, 2015 — Wedges are defined as something that is set in place to maintain a gap or separation between two things. They have their place in the world, for things such as splitting wood or plowing a field, however, when they create the space in relationships…they need to be removed.

Having spent much of her life residing in the darkest chambers of her heart, Heidi Quimby has packed her new bestseller, The Wedge Between Us with stories of challenges, setbacks, and hurdles — the many wedges that have stood between her and her goals. Throughout the pages of her story, readers will be inspired to pull out all the stops that are holding them back. She shares a number of different accounts of her life and how she has learned to become an overcomer! She has faced adversity many times throughout her life and exposes the reader to the good, the bad and the ugly. As readers walk through her journey, they may apply some of the methods that have made a tremendous difference in Heidi’s life.

“In The Wedge Between Us, Heidi Quimby reveals a life that wherein courage has overtaken blame, strength has surpassed pain, and spirit has triumphed poverty. It is Heidi's gift of perseverance and positive thinking that gives life to this inspirational book, Unforgettable!”
~ Marshall Goldsmith author of the New York Times and global bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family did not give Heidi the best chance to be the successful individual she has turned out to be. Heidi has filled the early pages of her book with stories of the hardships, challenges and grief that she has endured. She has written a remarkable story that focuses on overcoming obstacles, never giving up and finding out how to believe in one’s self.

By shifting her thinking and opening up to a higher power, Heidi has moved on to create the harmony and bliss that exists in her life today. She has an inspiring, motivational story that will pull at the reader’s heartstrings. While possessing a determined and committed aura about her that is both captivating and magnetic, she truly draws people and circumstances to her through her gifts. She is a woman of incredible mental strength, depth and an endless capacity for what is possible next!

Heidi lives in the small town of Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania with her husband, and she is the proud mother of four boys, She has also established herself within the bodybuilding arena, earning her professional title in May of 2013 as an NGA Pro Figure Athlete. She attributes her success to maintaining a balance in her life of Mind, Body and Spirit.

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