New Bestseller Reveals the 7 Secrets to Retrain Your Brain to Optimize Your Life at Any Age!

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Rapidly developing technologies and intensely focused research are removing the shroud of mystery that, for thousands of years, has surrounded the brain.

Palm Springs, CA, September 12— Rapidly developing technologies and intensely focused research are removing the shroud of mystery that, for thousands of years, has surrounded the brain. The myths, that the brain, once developed, does not change and the years of middle age and beyond are marked by an uncontrollable decline in the brain’s abilities, have been disproven. It is now known that the brain remains “plastic” throughout life, which means that experience and the environment can cause significant changes in the brain. This is a game changer!

By making changes in your thinking, emotions, and behavior, you can create important changes in your brain. The new bestseller, Brain Boosters by Dr. Simone Ravicz offers seven well-researched, highly effective techniques you can use to rewire neural connections, create positive neuronal pathways, and grow new neurons to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, pain, addictions, weight issues, and other problems.

The exercises in Brain Boosters will teach you how to improve performance, productivity, success and how to achieve greater clarity of thinking, mental acuity, happiness, well-being, and personal fulfillment. This unique, interactive guide will empower you with the knowledge to modify your brain and change your thinking, feelings, and behaviors. With Brain Boosters, you can venture forward on a glorious, exciting new path and design the life you’ve always wanted at any age!

“We probably know more about how our car or our smart phone works than we do about how our brain works! Well, Dr. Simone Ravicz’s new book Brain Boosters is going to change all this. In easy-to-understand terms, she shows how to first understand how your brain works and then how to take control of redesigning your brain to reduce your stress, eliminate anxiety, fight off depression and be more successful in whatever you want to accomplish. This very important book is an excellent read and is full of practical tips you can begin to use immediately.” ~ Mort Orman, MD, Author of The 14 Day Stress Cure

Dr. Simone Ravicz is the founder of the Center for Business and Life Brain Coaching. As a highly acclaimed certified business and life coach and prior psychologist, Dr. Simone helps her clients, small business owners and entrepreneurs, become “winners.” Dr. Simone has been featured on NBC, National Public Radio, Web MD and other television and radio shows, and contributed to Self, Woman’s World, Prevention Magazine, and Good Housekeeping magazines. Dr. Simone is available for interviews, personal appearances and book signings.

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