Gentle Lessons in New Book Series Prepare Children for Today’s Challenges!

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Rosemary Evans has created a marvelous set of two books about a cute and appealing fairy named Tina. With each tale she cleverly weaves in a needed and timely moral teaching.

LAKE OSWEGO, OR, August8 — "Rosemary Evans has created a marvelous set of two books about a cute and appealing fairy named Tina. With each tale she cleverly weaves in a needed and timely moral teaching."
~John Parker Stewart, Leadership Consultant, Educator, Executive Coach, Award Winning Author

Teeny Tiny Tina the Teeny Tiny Tooth Fairy and Teeny Tiny Tina and her Teeny Tiny Pet are formally launched this month. All four of Rosemary’s books are recipients of the Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medal for Excellence in Children’s Literature and the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards First Place.

These books represent a refreshing return to ‘teaching’ story-telling, offering engaging characters, stunning illustrations and gentle lessons to prepare children for some of the challenges they may face as they grow.  

They help prepare children for change, teach them to accept differences, and encourage them to embrace their uniqueness. This beautifully-illustrated series of children’s books inspires and entertains while imparting valuable life teachings. Erin Taylor’s richly colored and detailed illustrations perfectly complement the stories. Written in a clear, easy-to-read style, Rosemary’s books use both poetry and prose to engage and teach their adult and young readers.Endorsed by teachers and parents, the titles are perfect for reading to small children or for encouraging older children to read themselves.

The author combines her love of children’s literature, with her many years of writing, educating and entertaining her children and grandchildren to create this truly special series. She weaves together the best of traditional tales and fantasies to create a memorable world populated by lovable characters that children will want to visit again and again.  

"Having spent my career working with children, I am constantly seeking tools that I can recommend to parents and educators as supplements in teaching appropriate behavior. Rosemary's visually stimulating books are an excellent additional to that tool box. Her stories are rich with character building attributes that can trigger meaningful discussions with the child about such things as kindness, diligence, perseverance, sharing, etc. With research showing the power of such stories in molding behavior, I highly recommend these books as valuable tools in teaching character development to young children".  
~Arthella Starke, MA Special Education, BA Psychology

Rosemary Evans is a mother of four children and grandmother of fourteen. She lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon with her husband Richard. The Teeny Tiny series originated from a series of bedtime stories that Rosemary made up for her grandchildren. In addition to authoring her four award-winning children’s books, Rosemary is a water color artist, and has also authored four eBooks and a cookbook. Rosemary is available for interviews, book readings and signing events.

The Tina series consists of two published books and six more coming soon.
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