Author D. Ann Nadeau Reaches Best-Seller Status with New Book: ‘The Legend of Abuela Rose’

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D. Ann Nadeau, a former actress, comedienne, high school drama teacher, and best-selling author of So Many Miracles (available on, reached Amazon Best-Seller status again on the first day of publication of ‘The Legend of Abuela Rose, Pirates and Legends Book One.’

Dallas, TX, November 24, 2014 – Launching her new book in the Pirates and Legends series for youth ages 8 through 12, D. Ann Nadeau adds another Amazon best-seller to her name. This pirate adventure features the battle between right and wrong, good and evil, Captain Eduardo and Gabriella, a story line that keeps children captivated as they learn several important life lessons including the value of service to others and that kindness can be contagious. The young heroine, Gabriela, responds to the danger created by the pirates’ arrival in her village with strength and courage as she works to save all she holds dear from the hands of the pirates.

Five-Star Reviewer Dawna Caudle wrote: “I can't wait to sit down and read it with my children. There are so many great messages to teach them. Right from wrong, bitterness or forgiveness and patience with faith. I especially loved the message portrayed in the sweet and gentle Gabriella who was willing to forgive and look past the angry, thieving man and love the repentant new man he had become. All characters played their part in the lesson.”

Another reviewer noted that she “loved that the pirate was able to cast off his evil ways and turn his life around.” Another opportunity for parents and grandparents alike to capture the teaching moments provided by The Legend of Abuela Rose.

Jan Myers, LJM Publishing CEO, commented, “The immediate success of D. Ann’s new novella of pirate adventures doesn’t surprise us at all. We’re delighted this new series is well-received and just in time for Christmas gifts for the children ages 8 to 12. Watch for free promo days for the ebook version on November 29 and 30.” Mrs. Myers also noted the Spanish version of the book, ‘Leyendas de la Abuela Rosa’ will be available in mid-December on

About the Author: D. Ann Nadeau is the best-selling author of So Many Miracles (LJM Publishing, 2014). Prior to becoming an author, D. Ann performed on stage, in movies, and as a stand-up comedienne as well as teaching drama. Her perfected sense of humor and timing is reflected in her writing, adding to a well-developed plot and dynamic characters. She is available for interviews. A press kit including photos and a video trailer is available at

About the Book: The Legend of Abuela Rose is now available on Amazon and Kindle for $4.97 for the ebook and $11.97 in paperback. Using the Amazon app, the ebook can be read on any computer, smart phone or tablet.

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