Paul Cottle Construction In Portland Provides Beautiful Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

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Paul Cottle Construction offers complete project help with remodeling efforts. The experience and knowledge of the contractor has ensured a positive reputation in the community.

Portland OR, 13-MARCH-2015 - Paul Cottle Construction and owner, Paul Cottle, are pleased to announce that the professional team there are skilled and experienced at providing attractive and functional remodeling solutions for bathrooms and other rooms throughout the home. Large or small projects are completed with the same care and attention to detail by the Portland remodeling contractor.

Portland homeowners are more often choosing to stay in their current homes and remodeling to fit their changing needs. Updating or changing the design of a bathroom can make the entire home more suitable for the existing owners. For those who like their present location, redesigning and redecorating a bathroom may be a less costly option than moving.

Before beginning a remodeling project, large or small, it is wise to check out the credentials of the Paul Cottle Construction firm. His long-standing good reputation in the area makes him a great choice for an upcoming project. His experience ensures the homeowner that the job will be done correctly. Homeowners can also be assured of the best prices and of the timely completion of the job.

In addition to updating the fixtures in the bathroom, a homeowner might decide to add storage or lighting to the room. A smaller project might be to change the colors of the walls, or the hardware on the cabinets. Ventilation is another project which can enhance the functionality and appearance of the room. A more comprehensive project might be to change the footprint of the room in order to increase the space or the fixtures which are installed.

Learn more about bathroom remodeling projects by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have further questions about the details in this press release are encouraged to contact Paul Cottle at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Paul Cottle
Company Name: Paul Cottle Construction
Address: 4420 NE 54th Avenue Suite 2, Portland OR 97218
Contact Telephone Number: (503) 419-8688

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