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One NH-based company is taking giant steps towards going green with a new hybrid certified organic fertilizer.

Hampstead, NH, US, April 18, 2012 -- One NH-based company is taking giant steps towards going green with a new hybrid certified organic fertilizer.
Green World of Hampstead, NH released a statement earlier this month that they will be using revolutionary new hybrid form of organic fertilizers, as part of their efforts in improving the environment.

Jason Burgess and Richard Morgan of Green World Richard Morgan, President of Green World stated, “Our decision to transition to this new all-natural, organic line of fertilizer is aligned with our 30 years of concern for the environment. We will be reducing our carbon footprint in several ways. This new product will also have more stable pricing because it is not tied to petroleum costs like most fertilizers, It is win, win for us and the consumer.”
“This new fertilizer creates healthy beautiful lawns without relying on chemicals, but instead uses a unique blend of natural microorganisms that decrease the amount of fertilizer needed to create the most effective lawn and tree care treatment,” Morgan continues, “We have been researching organic products for years to find the best fertilizer available that would also be affordable for the average homeowner and now we have found it.”
The eco-friendly fertilizer Green World now uses is called Holganix and it is in fact 100% natural and organic. The manufacturer states that the fertilizer is made of plant-based botanical extracts and products, and contains no animal or human by-products.
Green World is now using the Holganix products in all lawn applications. Morgan says that this is just a small piece of the many efforts they are taking to protect the environment and add value to our community by going green.
“We care about the environment. We are taking steps at all levels to make this a greener world. We use software to optimize our routing and combine applications to consistently reduce fuel usage, we have cut our office paper usage by 75 percent, and we switched from gasoline-powered pumps to high efficiency electric. We are constantly looking for ways to improve.”
With Earth day around the corner, Morgan hopes to spread his passion of caring for the earth and encourages homeowners, business owners and others alike to do the same.

For more information on Green World and the organic fertilizer being used, please visit the Green World website at http://www.ourgreenworld.net.

Contact :
Josee Archer
Green World
PO Box 257
Sandown, NH, 03873

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