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If your favourite musical style is jazz and you want to take up a new hobby which implies musical instruments, you should learn more about playing jazz harmonica.

If your favourite musical style is jazz and you want to take up a new hobby which implies musical instruments, you should learn more about playing jazz harmonica. This is a great instrument for starters and it can help you develop a personal style.
There is plenty of room for exercising creativity when you start to play the harmonica. Pending on the musical genre you want to play you should choose the right type of instrument. Harmonicas are most commonly classified as chromatic or diatonic. A jazz harmonica player always opts for the chromatic one. It is endowed with a side button which allows you to play all the notes. Also, it’s enhanced with twenty holes, instead of ten, as diatonic ones have. The good news is that it’s an affordable instrument, it’s easy to carry around with you, and you’ll love the beautiful sounds resulted from easy to learn techniques.
Some of the most famous jazz harmonica players sometimes opt for the 12 holes version of the chromatic jazz harmonica. Stevie Wonder has developed a remarkable slurry and versatile style when playing his jazz harmonica, and many others have tried to adopt it after he became famous. The great thing about the chromatic jazz harmonica is that it can keep you busy improvising for a lifetime, even if you don’t have that much musical theory knowledge.
If you want to take your hobby more seriously and sing by notes, there are so many guides you can find on the internet. You can buy books and DVDs from Amazon, and be autodidact with enhancing theoretical background. Another good idea would be to get in contact with a jazz harmonica player who is also a teacher. Online Skype sessions can prove to be very practical, time effective, enjoyable and affordable. Acquiring knowledge in a domain that is new for you can be very fulfilling, especially if it helps you to become even more engaged with practicing your hobby.
You can either decide for a wooden or a plastic comb chromatic harmonica. The one that is made of wood may sound more beautifully, but the plastic one is more durable. They can be lighter, heavier, longer or shorter. You should opt for the one that you feel most comfortable with and that fits in your hands better. Internet photo galleries can help you decide for the right harmonica you need for your goals. Most beginners start with the key of C, though you can theoretically play any key when you have a chromatic jazz harmonica. A C scaled tuned harmonica is best for those who want to acquire music theory.
Pending on your musical goals you can browse the internet for resources, and decide whether you want to be an autodidact, or get some online sessions from an experienced jazz harmonica player. Whichever you choose, you got plenty of alternatives to start acquiring playing techniques. Also, don’t forget that listening to the best players can help you improve your own skills, and develop personal styles.

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