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With the tremendous advancement in information technology and constant innovation going on, data or information is nowadays mostly stored digitally, be it in small or large concerns

With the tremendous advancement in information technology and constant innovation going on, data or information is nowadays mostly stored digitally, be it in small or large concerns. This is very much more so in highly developed places like Hong Kong and Singapore. One is awestruck at the level of development in buildings, city planning and urban development at these two places. With data espionage gradually gaining notoriety the primary aim of any company would be to protect its stored information. Companies dealing with digital forensics Singapore and mobile forensics Hong Kong are there to help you with your security concerns.

Hong Kong has one of the largest conglomerations of financial offices in the world, apart from housing the head offices of a large number of very well-known multinational companies. Singapore with its magical Merlion, is also home to a large number of company offices as well as to a few of the world ranked universities. It is hard to imagine any other information storage system here other than the digital type. You can consult digital forensics Singapore companies to secure your data, lessen the risks involved in theft of date, and provide forensic investigation in the unfortunate event of a crime having been committed. Mobile phones are also not kept out of purview as modern handsets are equipped to scan and store large amount of data as well. Mobile forensics Hong Kong is a branch of digital forensic that is engaged in recovering data from mobile phones.

Your company may be holding vital information such as a customer database or, a newly invented formula which when used will rake in millions or a winning strategic plan. Be it medical research findings or any other intellectual property, your company is constantly at risk from disgruntled employees who can leak information while leaving the company to competition or to unscrupulous parties. To protect confidential information from competitors use the services of specialized companies dealing with mobile forensics Hong Kong and digital forensics Singapore.

The company financial data saved electronically can be manipulated to enable siphoning off of funds or used in insider trading. Prevent this with a vulnerability assessment from digital forensics Singapore companies. Experienced forensic investigation teams will assess and then highlight internal and external security issues. Remedial measures will be suggested by them to lessen the chance of theft of data. It is possible for mobile forensics Hong Kong firms to clone suspect machines and carry out investigation without alerting the suspect. These companies are skilled in recovering deleted files, irrespective of whether they have been accidentally or purposefully deleted.

The evidence gathered by digital forensics Singapore or mobile forensics Hong Kong companies is admissible in a court of law. Their experts can help you to probe the following areas - electronic discovery, hacking and fraud investigations, fraud investigations related to mergers and acquisitions, espionage by your former employees or competitors, unauthorised use of your computer system, recovery of deleted data, damage assessment after any theft, reconstructing sensitive chats or emails and insurance claims investigations. With offices in Singapore and Hong Kong these firms operate throughout Asia and are vital partners in ensuring safe custody of company information system.
Avail of the services of digital forensics Singapore ( ) firms to be free of worry. You can consult mobile forensics Hong Kong ( ) to find out why clients are moving away from your company.

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